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area this afternoon, lawyer maureen neigh lore was with the governor. >> fresh off his trip to asia he came straight to this neighborhood. he praised the quick response of emergency crews and vowed this will be a transparent investigation. with a cold wind blowing the governor made his first visit to the devastated san brown oh neighborhood. the 167-foot-long crater remained fenced in behind him while the governor was briefed by the ntsb. >> it was the fault of somebody or a problem or something that has not been maintained, or whatever it may be, you will know. there is no hiding of information. i can guarantee you that. >> reporter: today, pairs of ntsb investigators start going door e homes surrounding the blast. the governor said his thoughts and prayers are with the
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victims who own homes like this, and that's what that looked like today. >> my understanding was when the explosion first hit, it blew her out a window. >> this elderly man says his elderly anyone doesn't make him sound easy. >> in his own way, this was something maybe a tragedy waiting to happen. >> reporter: while other neighbors were grateful to have the state's attention. >> i think it's good. i mean people check all kinds of disaster areas, we're a disaster area, our friend aren't here. >> reporter: several american flags have been placed in the area. one old house has windows blown out but old glory in the windows. >> we don't know, it was either a weak link or something, we have the area secured so the
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investigators can go through because the important thing is that something like this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: today the death toll remains at 4, dozens of homeowners are still not being allowed to get to their homes. they say that three pieces of pipe at the center of the investigation now 2/3 of their way to washington, d.c. for a lab where they will be investigated. maureen neigh lore, ktvu news. let's go for a look at what homeowners are facing as they try to go inside their homes and rebuild their life. >> there is a clear division in this neighborhood. these were all the homes leveled by that blast and fire and, on this side of the neighborhood, there's not a lot of activity going on right now. you have the fire department and pg&e cruz that were putting up lines. on the other side of the neighborhood what you see right here are the construction and contractor vans. this street here on clermont, all day long, you see these restoration cruz taking care of some of the lightly damaged
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homes. that work began in earnest today on pg&e's dime. this is the attol family. >> i saw the blast with my eyes. >> as they look at the rubble that was once their home. >> it's a total disaster, my home is ground zero. >> about half those people were at home at the time of the blast. the explosion happened about 200 feet from their home. >> her left arm from here and something on the backside of the neck. >> reporter: all they could do was take in damage the area is still off limits. but, less than i block away, the street was bustling with clean up and restoration cruz. one home being repaired belongs to connie morales. >> i'm satisfied, they are -- they asked me you know exactly, we went through the whole house, they have taken all our clothes, taken the mattress, and window coverings and they
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are just cleaning everything. >> reporter: her home was being cleaned by one of three clean up contractors hired by pg&e. the homeowners are not filing claims. the work is offered free of charge. >> folks are walking up to us, next door neighbors across the street, saying i can you come take a lack it our house as well. >> reporter: along with the efforts insurance adjusters could be seen assessing the damages at the time of the explosion. connie morales was home at the time and even when her home is restored she said moving back will not be easy. >> i'll never feel the same, you know. it was an experience that you'll never forget. >> reporter: a trade group that represents california insurance companies told me today that they have not yesterday had the opportunity to formulate a concrete damageest for this neighborhood. they say their adjusters are still doing work, we saw some of them out here today. right now their routest stands
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apt tens of millions of dollars. today we know more about exactly what pg&e knew about the pipe before that explosion thursday. let's go to tom vacar with more on that part of our coverage. >> reporter: hi. opening story, the consumer advocacy group the utility reform network says they may have sown the seeds for this disaster three years ago. >> there are consequences when this necessary work does not get done. >> reporter: back in 2007 pg&e asked for about $5 million to replace a section of the pipeline that blew up in san brown oh. pg&e's own document says the replacement of 1 1/2 miles of pipe was prior advertised by pg&e's risk management program. >> they said they would replace that section in 2009 and the commission gave them that money. >> reporter: but then, in september of 2009 -- >> pg&e came back and said we need about $5 million to replace this very same section
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of line 132 and we plan to do it in 2013. >> reporter: and, this time, pg&e's document says the pipe section was one of its top 100 risks making the risk of failure unaccept blow high. >> we're wondering i didn't pg&e replace the section in 2009 when they got the money to do this. >> reporter: so i put that question direct to pg&e's president. >> some things happen when we're going down and a year later maybe some other item becomes more emergent we need to fix, that's why we'll redirect funds to take care of the things that are urgent today and then go back and look and say "what are the things that are urgent tomorrow." >> if it's prior advertised for here it should have been fixed. there shouldn't have been any pushing anywhere else. >> you think they should have been checking everything. if they know this with a here why didn't they check it a actual time. they knew something was wrong.
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>> it makes me angry because they should be more concerned about the people that live around the neighborhood. >> believe me, within the next few days you'll have the information, i'm back now and i'm going to drill down to that information. because you in the community have the right to know. that is the bottom line, enthusiasm very much. and i'll be back and you'll get the information, that i can guarantee you, okay? >> reporter: now we do not know if this pipe is number 1 on pg&e's highest risk pipes or number 99. they will claim the pipe is not the section on that very seam pipe that blew up and that danger has now been downgraded but neighbors find that hard to be given thursday's fireball. to make matters worse the ntsb will simply not tell us or allow anyone else to tell us if this section is the section in question. but we're not going to rest until we get this information for you. tom vacar, channel 2 news.
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>> san brown oh pipeline explosion has prompted the obama administration to beef up inspections, but a congressman says the changes don't go far enough. john garra men deis a member of the howls transportation and information committee. he says some of pg&e's most dangerous pipelines are in his district and that the feds should immediately make sure they are safe. >> already scheduled is the replacement of the livermore- sinole pipeline, supposed to begin in 2011, pg&e ought to be out there today with the backhoes and shovels getting that project under way. >> gary men departicipated in the meeting with top pipeline saved officials this afternoon, he is calling on them to improve pipeline monitoring and step up the replacement of aging systems. he also wants his committee to hold a hearing in san brown oh on the problem. garra men desaid that today's hearing was a a start and he
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supported legislation by ray lahood. that would increase federal pipeline oversight and more than double some penalties, finals fines for the most serious would increase from 1 million to 2 1/2 million dollars, 40 indigs analysis inspectors and regulators would be hired over the next four years. state officials are warning san brown oh fire victims to be aware of unscrupulous contractors, the state license board has posted consumer alert signs around the neighborhood. they warn them about unscrupulous or unlicensed contractors. residents can select any contractor of their choosing, however, pg&e says it is also providing residents with a list of people and companies that are nibblely working directly with the utility company. and you can follow the latest on the san brown oh disaster, the investigation and the clean up, by visiting our web site and clicking on the san brown oh fire tab. forecasters are outside
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senator diane fainstein's office in san francisco demanding the government create more jobs. we have a live look at what is happening in san francisco at market street in post in front of the office. the protestors are from a group that calls themselves jobs with justice. they say the protest is part of a nation-wide day of action to declare what they are calling a jobs emergency. they say the government should levy higher taxes on wall street to pay for programs. again we have 50 people gathered outside senator fainstein's san francisco office but, right now, it appears they are on the sidewalk and, from what we can tell, not impeding traffic. they told a congressional committee today they'll not reopen the company's adult service sections of their web site t classified section shut down the section after being criticized by 18 state attorneys general and about sex trafficking of children. carol maloney of new york is
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calling on craigslist to also remove theth they rottic ads from places outside the u.s. >> i hope we hear from craigslist they will be shutting down the 250 cities that still feature this section. >> craigslist defended their record of being responsible, but warned they will only go to other websites. orinda firefighters made short work of a fire that broke on the off ramp. it broke out near the orinda ramp on eastbound highway 24. the flames burned 4 acres before being brought under control. there were no injuries and no structures were damaged. the cause of the fire at this point is still unknown. if you're going through one of the coolest summers on record in the bay area it might surprise you to know this has
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been one of the warmest place necessary the rest of the world for the rest of the world. the coolest average since record-keeping began since records began, years ago. the second coldest on record, but the rest of the world averaged 58.5 degrees. that tied with 1998 for the warmest on record. >> hmm. interesting stuff. let's go over to our chief meteorologist bill martin. bill? >> that fire danger, we showed you that orinda fire. one of the slowest fire seasons i can remember, and i'm goin' back a long time, 30 years in some cases around here, so an unusually cool summer, for sure. the reason i'll show you. typically summer sets up like this, high pressure offshore and we get lots of heat in the bay area and right in northern california. here is what happened this year and, actually, this is what happened over the winter too. this is the jet stream and there is a low pressure center
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right there. that brings the cooler air further south. you know the jet stream just divides the warm air to the south from the cooler air to the north. and that, as that cool air dropped down, we've got the cooler weather pattern. what does it all mean? i'll tell you what, this weekend that low pressure comes back, that pattern continues. and that means rain in your forecast. you're gonna need umbrellas this weekend, especially in north bay counties, i'll have details on what you can expect. i'll see you back here. meg whitman races to the top of the list. what she has done that no other candidate has ever done in american history. and how the freed american hiker reached out to the families of the two others still in jail and what she is doing today for the first time in more than a year. u owi stgoth n csechkint al?ye cckhiou
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cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds. don't be big tobacco's next victim. today it became official. after loaning her campaign
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another $15 million republican meg whitman has now spent more of her own money on her campaign for california governor than any other candidate running for any american office at any time in history. more than presidents, more than anyone. our political editor randy shannon deville talked to her today in san francisco. randy is live tonight in the city now with more. randy. >> reporter: frank, up until about 20 minutes ago meg whitman was here, well actually there, in that generic looking building next to us which houses the headquarters of yelp, which is the social web site that uses viewer reviews, and that's where she was. as whitman usually does on the campaigntrail she was talking about jobs. but today's news was money, 119 million of her own dollars to run for governor. that sha'ath terse the previous record for self-financed campaigns, that of new york mayor michael bloomberg. >> i spent what i thought was
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necessary. i laid out a strategy. i wanted to invest in reaching out to all different californians, i wanted to get that message out. >> reporter: we asked whitman about some of the controversial tv ads she has bought with her millions including the one featuring an old bill clinton/jerry brown presidential debate that accuses then governor brown of raising taxes and frittering away a state surplus. >> when he left, he doesn't tell the people the truth. >> reporter: but associated press calls that ad misleading and president clinton says his facts were wrong back then and has endorsed brown. now brown is accusing whitman of lying. >> there's one individual, meg whitman, who is telling the lies. >> reporter: and just yesterday released his first attack ad that likens whitman to pei notebook i don't. >> her nose keeps growing. >> reporter: how does it feel to be likened to pei notebook i don't. >> typical of a career politician.
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he has his back against the wall and resorting to character attacks. >> reporter: some of your ads have accused him of like, he is accusing you of lying, you're both running for governor but at times it sounds like two people fighting in a sand box. >> for me it isn't like fighting in a sand box. i'm talking p the most serious issues facing californians. >> reporter: and those issues are jobs jobs and more jobs, she says. we just heard that moments ago nancy regular an endorsed meg whitman, not a big surprise. but welcome news for the whitman campaign nonetheless. randy shannon deeville, ktvu channel 2 news. a battle is brewing in delaware between the party and the candidate. christine o'donnell defeated mike cassell for the party's nomination in the general elects. he now says he will not endorse her for senator and the par see
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says it won't pump any money into her campaign. o'donnell, who was endorsed by sarah palin, says she will win without castle or the party. coming up, robert honda will talk to the california partyac visit activities who were instrumental in her delaware campaign. don practiced a today joined leaders from the city, county, schools and local churches for a prayer breakfast. the candidate and former state president called on leadtors work together to come up on a plan to deal with chronic truancy in at schools in oakland. he emphasized the importance of church in keeping skids in school and away from crime on the streets. >> my view is it becomes the faith-based community that is in fact the first responder in our neighborhoods, it is not the amr ambulance driving around the city. >> during the last school year the oakland school district reported about 2000 children missed 10 days of school or
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more with unex-cuesed absences. we have one day closing out the rain or sprinkles that they have been telling us about. bill has a look from here. >> definitely in the center a chance of showers headed our way. santa rosa is in the pay area. north bay counties right now the main impact for most of us will be a lot of clouds but sprinkles and drizzle throughout your bay area weekend. especially from 16 north and then north to santa rosa. there will be reel rain. let's go outside, i'll show you the temperatures are mild right now. mostly in the 70s, 79 in concord. out towards antioch, the low 80s, highs tomorrow will be a little bit warmer, what i'm doing is tracking the fog that will do what it did last night, that means is going to get to most bay neighborhoods early in the morning, slightly warmer tomorrow. if it's warmer it's a degree or two warmer, maybe a little cooler at your house, along the coast, a little more fog. bottom line the chance of showers moves into your friday
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afternoon, saturday, and now some of the new models are kind of sticking it in for sunday. again, visualize this, it's not a big storm. but it is still summer but clouds and a chance of sprinkles sort of a headline isn't it. it will impact your weekend if you have outdoor plants and i suggest that especially north of san rafael there is a good chance you'll not be able to get in the soccer or the baseball game. the rest of us, i think it's umbrellas and you're kind of hanging around. the forecast then tomorrow morning, upper 40s, low 50s, clouds throughout much of the bay area, 54 in morgan hill, 52 in livermore, this is tomorrow, thursday. friday the clouds start to increase and as those clouds increase from this weather system we're going to see showers develop mainly friday night into saturday afternoon, then again, perhaps into sunday. tomorrow looks like a pretty darn good day, just what we saw today. maybe a degree or two warmer in some places, that low pressure is still out there.
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lots could change on the time. but here is what you need to know. your bay area weekend will be unsettled, there will be clouds, a good shot for some sprinkles. a 10th of an inch. 100th of an inch. hard to say. if you're in san jose you may see nothing, in santa rosa quarter inch. maybe more. i'll be more specific, let you know in the five-day forecast, when that rain is going to fall. i'll see you back here. clawed the albino alligator celebrated his 15th birthday today. clawed has been on display at the academy now for some time and is a favorite of kids on field trips. he weighs 181 pounds, is 8 1/2 feet long, and he is a rarity in the wild where his lack of camouflage would have made it very difficult for him to survive. some visitors made cupcakes of fish meal and gelatin for cl aude who can expect to live up
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to 150 years. plus he vanished without a trace. a plea tonight from the family of this man who once lived in marin county. they want to hold these middle-class tax cuts hodge until they get an additional tax cut for the wealthiest 2% of americans. and president obama is pointing fingers tonight. the new sal some he launched in the clash over middle class tax cuts.
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president obama today expressed both frustration and appreciation over the battle in extending bush era tax cuts. the republicans and an increasing number of democrats want to extend them for everyone including families making more than $250,000 a year while the president wants to let the cuts expire for earners at the top of the ladder. >> president obama: right now we could decide that every american household would receive a tax cut on the first $250,000 of their income. but, once again, the leaders across the aisle are saying "no." they want to hold these middle- class tax cuts hostage until they get an additional tax cut for the wealthiest 2% of americans. >> president obama thanked two americans who voted for a bill aimed at stimulating small business growth. >> president obama: we're finally on the verge of passing a small business jobs bill that will cut taxes and create jobs
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for millions of small business owners across america. >> america. >> and on the question of extending the tax cuts a number of democrats have signed a letter urging nancy pelosi to drop a bill that 'em bodies the president's plan. democratic congressman jim marshall of georgia said congress should not be raising taxes right in the middle of a recession. more than a million chuckie cheese restaurant light-up rings and toy eye glasses were recalled today. they said the plastic toys can break exposing the batteries inside which can then be swallowed by children. they were given away during parent-teacher promotion. the glasses shaped like stars were used birthday parties. both were maid in china. a man approached an 11-year- old boy at a bus stop. plus ... >> all thee need to get out. >> as the mothers of two uc graduates still imprisoned pleaded for their release, what
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the one freed hiker did for the first time in more than a year. ktvu news, a story where home invasion police acted so quickly they caught the robbers in the act. why the two suspects face even more serious charges tonight. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer ñ
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complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. everything that i do, i do it with my brother, i'm walking around and i'm not free until my brother is free. all three will stand trial for espionage but as one jailed american hiker is on her way home, now the focus turns to freeing the two others still being held in iran. all three of them are uc berkeley graduates. right now sarah shourd is in '0man with her mother freed on
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half a million dollars bail while her friend and fiance are in prison? >> reporter: release for one family and a glimmer of hope for others. while she arrived in aman, the mothers of josh visit sal and shane bower says they hope it's a prelude to the release of their sons. >> it is three american hikers that were detained in iran on july 31st, 2009, and all three need to get out. >> reporter: today short spoke through the two motors on a conference call from ammann, and says her fiance, who proposed in prison, and her friend josh are in good spirits confident of their own release soon. their families can only wait. >> everything i do i do with my brother. i'm not free until my brother is free and we'll continue to do everything within our power to hasten the day that josh and shane, you know, get that joyous moment that sara and her family got. >> reporter: today sarah shourd
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was set to go to her first medical exam for 13 months. her mother has said she had serious medical problems including a breast lump and precancerous cells. plus dim mats said last may the 32-year-old woman was suffering from depression. for now, shourd's friends here in the bay area are just happy she is coming home. >> we have just been through so much emotion and to see her walk off that plane, and to see her smile and to wave, was -- i had such a sense of joy. >> shane bauer and josh visit tal are set to stan charges of spying and shourd will be tried in absent ya. they posted on twitter a request for the iranian president to bring bauer and visit tal home when he flies to new york this weekend for the united nations general
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assembly. friends and family are looking for a marin county resident who disappeared three weeks ago in mexico. he is a well known realtor in the southern mexican city of wahaco where he lived for the last 15 years. he failed to show up to show a howls. his car is also missing. he graduated from sir francis drake high school in 1981. two email people are under arrest for last night's home invasion in san francisco which left a man dead and his friend tied up and beaten. police reports that they caught the suspect in the act. >> reporter: dennis wayne dixon held his two young sons in this picture taken a few months ago. next to him his nose and her son. this morning swarming outside the apartment police investigators. news of the home invasion and shooting here traveled fast to sacramento. >> she just banged on the door and said "dad, wake up, wake
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up, your brother was murdered," i ran, with my boxers on and i ran to the door and said"oh lord, please dole tell me that" they said "oh yes." >> he was shot after an argument with several men, he tried to get the men to leave. san francisco police say dixon was protecting his 22-year-old stepson deajon, his nose, and her son inside the home. but police say the men forced their way inside, beat up the stepson and shot the elder dixon. when word of her son's death struck his mother she could barely understand the bearer of bad news. >> she was crying on the phone but i couldn't understand nothing. but i know he had got cut three months ago, he got cut, and then this happened, he got killed. >> a neighbor called police quickly giving officers time to catch the robbers in the act. one iran out the back door, the other suspect came out the front. officers arrested both men.
5:35 pm
dennis dixon's family wants it known dennis was a kind man with a child on the way. >> he was a good person and he loved life. we all love life. >> reporter: the suspects are expected to be charged sometime later this afternoon, investigators are still interviewing late this morning. dixon is the 36th homocide victim of the year. in san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. a judge has sentenced a fairfield man to 5 months in jail for slashing the tires on more than 100 vehicles. 32-year-old gabre el rafael coco nose was arrested in april after the rash of sharks which started in february. he pleaded guilty in july to two misdemeanor counts in the case and was ordered to pay restitution. his lawyer said his client was a productive member of society until a brain injury changed him which is why they are trying to make it part of his. they also want to question him
5:36 pm
in a recent is rash of tire slashing while he was awaiting sentencing. two reports of men trying to lure boys into their cars. a man pulled up in a blue or turquoise prius as the boy was waiting for a bus on cl eval road. he asked him to get in the car. he described him as white with a tan skin and heavy accent. this came after two 13-year-old boys told police 4 white men in a jeep cherokee drove up to them in a middle school and asked them to get into their vehicle. toyota makes an about face. what it wants to do about hundreds of claims with pedal problems with the cars. and why some experts say it will be 2012 before jobs come back to our state. we'll show you why four bay area biofuel firms are licking their wounds tonight.
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a all right out of u cl a today points a tinning grim picture for california's economy. the quarrel anderson forecast says our state's unemployment picture will keep the state's economy from growing for a while. the report says california is unlikely to between rate enough jobs to bring unemployment down to single digits until the end of 2012. personal income, though, is predicted to grow slightly this year. a stimulus program that has
5:40 pm
created 45,000 jobs in california could disappear by the end of the month unless congress acts soon to provide more funding. today, dozens of small business owners and workers descended upon washington to push lawmakers to extend the temporary assistance for needy families program. it benefits small businesses by helping pay the salaries of workers. >> i've hired engineers, i've hired managers, i've hired administrative people in addition to hourly workers. these are people that are trained, skilled and could not with the best of intentions find a job. there were no jobs available. >> the funds run out at the end of this month and backers say as many as 20,000 california johns could be lost. the house has already reauthorized a 1-year extension program but the senate has not. goldman sachs is being hit by a big gender discrimination lawsuit. papers filed today on behalf of three female employees accuse the wall street bank of engaging in a systematic pattern and practice of
5:41 pm
discrimination. they claimed they faced discrimination in pay and less opportunities for promotion than men at the firm. a managing director and an associate are seeking class action status for the suit. they are also seeking significant from goldman sachs for emotional distress and humiliation as well as for lost income. toyota is moving to dismiss hundreds of lawsuits. the motion was filed in federal court and says attorneys failed to identify hnidy effects in their vehicles. millions of toyota were recalled because of reports of acceleration problems in some models but company attorneys now contend there is no evidence of a flaw. a massachusetts company has beat four bay area firms to be the first to win a patent on a genetically engineered source of biofuel. jewel unlimited of came bring says it has developed bacteria that uses sunlight and co2 to create ethanol. they plan to open a plant to make the fuel by 2012. risk bio technologies of
5:42 pm
emeryville, ls9 of san carlos and aurora algae of alameda are working on processes to make fuel from waste material. a pack of cigarettes costs a smoker about $7 but the remarkly blow high price it costs you and a new solution to a growing problem. and tracking rain out in the pacific, there will be some showers, as we move towards the episode of the week. i'll tell you when those could occur. new at 6:00, we're getting a look at through crime fighting technology in the east bay. why even residents suspected of breaking the law like the high- tech gadgets. also, travelers are returning to the bay area following a big drop in tourism but a vote rapping height now could hurt their recovery. >> could have reel damaging consequences. a and learning more about a woman found dead in a busy bay area street. the unusual phone calls that could help the police crack the
5:43 pm
case. tonight at 6:00. ti itt fow tee
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the smoking bans may be getting greater health benefits than expected. asthma related hospitalizations of children have fallen 13% since public smoking bans went into effect in 2006. about 40% of u.s. children hospitalised for asthma attacks live with adults who smoke. health benefits aside, researchers say helping smokers quick can also help save california's economy. it is a multibillion dollars drain each year and there is something the governor can do today to help make it happen. john fowler joins us live now from san francisco with this story. john? >> reporter: activists say california can no longer afford to subsidize smokers. surveys showed 70% of smokers do want to quit. >> i've tried to quit probably 20 times and each time it's just, it's an addiction.
5:46 pm
>> the addiction is extremely difficult and i've struggled for a long time to try to quit. >> within a week or two something happens, i get expressed out, it's really easy to go right back to it. >> reporter: smoking cessation programs, med consumers and counseling do work although expensive. they could pay off. they say smokers cost california 8 1/2 billion dollars a year. one pack of cigarettes costs the smoker about $7. but according to a new analysis a pack of cigarettes costs california's economy $27 in lost productivity and direct medical costs. >> there is a bill sitting right now on governor schwarzenegger's desk. >> reporter: it has been successful in other states. >> 27% of smokers chose to quit because they had access to the services they need to quit. >> reporter: every year it could save california $80 million, many lives, and mises
5:47 pm
re. >> if that could be a part of health insurance, you know that, really would have made my life a lot easier, i would love that for my work to pay for me to quit smoking, absolutely, yoo. >> reporter: the governor vetoed a similar bill five years ago as too costly but new estimates show insurers would actually save $1.40 for every dollar spent on smoking cessation programs. reporting live, health and science editor, k st. tvu news. indoor swimming pools puts people at a higher risk of cancer. the chlorine combines with skin, cosmetics and urine that creates small to go since that damage idea. they outweigh the risk but say you should make certain the pool is maintained by certified cleaning experts. they also suggest you shower before your swim and keep cosmetics out of the water and afterwards to wash off any chemicals. a crucial strike vote being
5:48 pm
taken today and this could impact a key industry. julie andrews in the newsroom with stories we're working on. >> continuing coverage of what we're learning about how pg&e considered the pipeline one of its top 100 risks, why wasn't it replaced. plus is this the future of police work? theory equipping them with his small video cameras and why one says he wasn't able to do this earlier. an historic airplane hanger build back in the 19 0's, tonight the new business that just opened up inside. tonight at 6:00. they are urging residents in oakley to wear bug repellant especially at dawn and at twi- lying. they issued that after a group of mosquitos tested positive for west nile virus.
5:49 pm
they are also encouraging people to drain all sources of standing water. looking at our weather, i was thinking of standing water, we may get some standing water with a little bit of rain, huh bill.? i think there will be water around this week, but it is not a big storm, early isn't it. we're still involved in summer and it is a weather system that will bring rain to the bay area probably saturday and maybe sunday as well. not a lot but some. the fog is at the coast. that fog pushing in over the beach out towards know we valley already. we've got fog, you see it shooting through here out towards -- pardon me -- towards south san francisco and over the hill towards new we valley. it's not there yet. the fog is going to make a push again tonight as it did last week. the warming will be a degree or two in some places. other areas may come off a little bit, especially along the coast, and tomorrow is like today and today was like yesterday.
5:50 pm
but it changes,'s we move into friday, the weather headline of course showers in the forecast, that's what frank was talking about. tuesday, wednesday, and now, tomorrow, thursday, this warming trend, it did warm up after the cool sunday we had, will continue with 70s around the bay. fog right at the coast. 80s inland, not 90s, and along the coast 60s, upper 50s, that's your forecast for thursday. friday your forecast very different. as friday moves in we're going to see more clouds begin to move into the area and those cloud are going to bring with it a chance of showers. we get these latest models, we get these every six hours, many models. this is the one i like right now. i'll show you another one later as they start to look better but this looks like the best. 7:00 a.m. friday you see instability in the area. that's just drizzling but you see things starting to change. fog along the coast. this could induce some drizzle. highway 1. then as we get into
5:51 pm
saturday morning look what's happening down here, enhance 789. drizzling around santa rosa, that's saturday morning. then what happens. bang, a bulls-eye up around you kai a, basically looking at the front right now, the forecast is evidencing the front going to lie here. if it lies 45 miles south it is into redwood city and san francisco. north nobody gets wet. this looks like it will be bringing rain to the far northern county, drizzle and sprinkles for everybody else. san jose, dry ute the weekend, you could be, but clouds moving through. more showers as well. so you get the pick. there will be umbrellas needed in some places in the bay area this weekend. as we get closer i'll dial in exactly. especially on friday i'll be able to go "eh, this is what's going to happen," we're still pretty far out. but when you've got showers in your bay area forecast, grade news for firefighters, fire season, if we get rain it will
5:52 pm
help a ton. >> it has been, when it comes to fires, a good fire season. >> it has for us. >> well in the south bay today some people in downtown san jose were treated to an imprompt you the parade this afternoon as organizers of the children's moon festival, northern california, move closer to the plaza for friday's festival. it celebrates a gathering festival open to many asian places. a parade is 8:00 saturday evening, the reported-keeping method mess at arlington cemetery keeps getting worse. plus the end might be in sight for the gulf oil spill, and the move to keep it going moves into the final hours. >> the ktvu channel 2 stock report. brought to you by dodge.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
5:55 pm
a u.s. army investigation has found at least three bodies in the wrong graves at arlington national cemetery and there could be more. the investigation began after a record keeping mess was uncovered at the cemetery. investigators using ground detecting radar says some marked graves are empty while some bodies are buried in areas that are unmarked. oneest says as many as 6,000 graves might be miss marked on cemetery maps. the blown-out bp oil well in the gulf of mexico is expected to be permanently sealed and decleared dead by
5:56 pm
this sunday. >> for the purpose of creating expectations we're within a 96 hour win dough of killing the women. the government's point man on the oil spill admiral thad allen says the relief well is expected to intersect with the blown out well within 24 hours. mud and cement will be pumped in which is expected to permanently seal it. some crab fishermen say they believe their catch from the gulf are still contaminated. >> we dumped it in ice water, emptied it, the smell was like to knock us down. the water on the table was like a machine. this is my third day in the gulf, i've eight seafood every day since i have been here. this is the most tested and safe in the world right now. >> it's been five months, 11 workers were killed and 206 million gallons of oil spewed from that under sea well. and there is much more news just ahead. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is
5:57 pm
next. lock and load. a new weapon the opened's arsenal and it is designed to capture you on tape. pga pga
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
as if governor tours the blast site new details about that pipeline. pg&e admits it was in need of repairs and they had the money to do it. tonight, why the utility says the work did not get done. our patience has run out and it's time to get one of these companies to negotiate a contract and set the pattern. >> the votes are being tallied right now. will hundreds of hotel workers go on strike and why today's decision could prompt others to follow. >> the bay area news starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. there is a new development in the san brown oh inferno. pg&e documents released "today" show that three years atwo the utility company identified a section of the pipeline in the tire zone as extremely high risk but fail
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